Promotional Strategies


It’s that time of year again… and whether you love it or loathe it, the Christmas season cannot be ignored.

In most businesses, but of course not all, Christmas is literally the busiest time of year. Sales will be leaping off the production lines or shelves and it may seem difficult to justify giving stuff away for free to your head of department… but maybe it is something you should think about.

If you work in advertising for your company, you will always be on the look-out for ways to promote your business for nothing or next to nothing.

This is probably all the more the case in a small company where the budget is tight or one man operations where the budget is literally what you can find in your wallet right now.

So before we start steaming in and making suggestions about throwing your cash around on marketing, let’s start with the things that you can do for free, or almost free.


It is no longer enough for a business to have a website, these days customers expect to be able to find you on Facebook, Twitter and the like. And they actually want to be able to interact with you on a one to one basis.

Today, if someone is unhappy with a product, often the fastest way to seek a resolution to it is to say so on Twitter – as loudly as possible.

Getting in touch on social media is a bit like standing outside the shop window with a megaphone yelling. It works and people listen.

This works both ways. It does not have to be only complaints that are dealt with on social media. You can also use this space to promote yourself.

BUT! Take it easy. People do not want to be mercilessly advertised at. Social media is a two way street, it is personal relations and conversations. Get involved in the things and topics that your customers are interested in and they will come to you naturally. Get their friends to say that they liked your product or service and they will listen.


Now this is the part that might alarm your boss, or the Scrooge in you, if you are the only person funding the whole thing. But it does not have to be anything expensive.

We are not suggesting that you give away a car or anything like that, but something low or medium priced, with your name and business on it.

This could be something as simple as a company Christmas card. Now this isn’t so much a gift as a token of appreciation, that your company values your customers. And since you were probably going to give Christmas cards anyway, why not use your own?

Other things you can give away as a company or business can be slightly more ambitious, but they can start with the low priced. Cheap promotional items could begin with a branded pen or mug. These are inexpensive items that will push your business name out into the community just a little further.