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Which Are The Best Promotional Items For Schools And Education Providers?

The bell has sounded for another term, in fact it’s not long until the next holiday – but let’s not dwell on that! And whether you are a teacher, an educator, the school’s resources purchaser or someone else connected with school trips then you may want to think about promotional items for schools and colleges.


Museums and galleries and other attractions probably already cater for school parties, but sometimes smaller places may forget about this untapped source of revenue and advertising for your brand.

Give children something useful, via their school or after school club and you can both support a local community and promote yourself into the bargain.

For example, if you run a bike shop, what about free reflectors to be attached to clothing with your name on it?

This is something that could be applied to all businesses, within reason, who wish to contribute towards the local school. The keywords here are contribute. In the arena of children and schools you need to tread carefully and not try and see them all as potential customers. You are simply looking to enhance your company’s standing in the local community, not touting for business.

In other words, you are not about to launch some big marketing campaign on the local primary school, but make an act of largesse, that may also include your company name and logo.

So if you did run the local bike shop, maybe you may be willing to volunteer some time to teach children cycle safety and road awareness, or bike maintenance.

itemsOr if you are a computer shop, you could offer to promote cyber safety and offer tips on combatting cyber bullying. If appropriate this could be accompanied with a branded giveaway of something like a mouse mat or desk tidy or branded USB drive.

The first thing to do would be to contact the schools in the local area and see if they would be interested, in the first instance.

As we have stated, this should be approached with caution and seen as a way of you doing something for your local community, firstly and foremost, and as a business opportunity – a very poor second.

But it is not of course just local businesses who should look into merchandise for school children. It is of course schools themselves.

If you have been working hard on a topic all year, some branded or commemorative stationery could be used as a motivational resource.

The younger the age group of the children, generally the more thrilled they are to receive, well, just about anything free. …Branded pens, pencils, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pencil cases… The list goes on and on and these are all very low priced items which will not cost you or your department a lot.

Branded items can be used to reward good behaviour and work and many teachers see the advantages of them.

Even older children will love things such as branded USB drives and mobile phone chargers. If you have a tougher crowd to please you could consider headphones, baseball caps and other items of clothing.

If these sound frighteningly expensive, they don’t have to be. Things like t-shirts can be done relatively cheaply and teenagers still love free stuff, especially the t-shirts, even if they pretend that they don’t!