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Mugged Off – Choosing The Right Type Of Promotional Cup Or Mug For Your Promotional Needs

Perhaps you don’t even think about what it is that you drink your first cuppa through on a morning. And whether you are a coffee addict or a tea loyalist with stiff British reserve, you are more than likely going to be imbibing a hot drink of some description of a morning.


And even if that is something alternative like herbal tea or even a hot chocolate (decadent start to the day and we fear for your moral compass, but who are we to judge) you will need a receptacle to drink it out of.

Now we’ve all had mornings where you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you were swigging it out of a gravy boat, as long as you got your caffeine fix in goodly fashion, but once the fog has cleared and you can at last remember what your name is you might remember there is such a thing as a mug – or even a cup and saucer if you are properly British – and that you’d rather not share yours with anyone else, thank you.

And if you are an office manager, boss or in charge of marketing, you may have considered branded mugs. This need not be simply for your workforce to use, although of course you will be giving them to staff as well. (Won’t you?)

Promotional mugs and cups are still one of the most popular branded items that can be distributed by a company in the United Kingdom today.

The advantages are manifold, yes, it gets your name out there and about in the kitchens and workplaces across the land. And it may have a far longer shelf life than you can ever anticipate.color

But what you might not have been expecting was the sheer amount of choice there is out there of mugs, cups and flasks for you to choose from.

We have compiled a list of some of the styles you can select from most promotional retailers.


This is the basic, common or garden style of ceramic mug, which you see pretty much everywhere as standard. This does not make it bad or boring!

These are usually pretty cheap and of course come in all shapes and sizes and are free for you to display your company logo on.


The rounded and gentle shape of a latte mug, designed to gently ease you into your morning and your day, with a nice milky coffee.

It looks small, but rest assured it can still fit the same amount as your standard coffee mug does – and that is plenty!


Because we are all different and our mugs don’t have to be the same. There are a huge variety of styles of cups out there and they are anything but average.

Custom mugs can still be made from ceramic and contain your company details and logo on them. These could be a talking point amongst your clients and your workforce and it is worth mixing the orders up a bit, so everyone gets something a bit different.

Shapes, sizes and even things like the numbers of handles on them are all up for negotiation!

Depending on how many you are ordering, this could be better value for money than you might be thinking.


Because we like to have coffee on the go! Travel mugs are seemingly everywhere these days, replacing the spot the thermos flask had in our hearts during the seventies and eighties.

Now you can keep your coffee hot, upright and un-spilt without feeling like you are going camping – even if you are!

Perfect for the car, the commute and … well…everywhere really. Travel mugs are crafted from stainless steel and are one of our favourite products for branding opportunities this year!

Once you have got used to a tumbler than can be made spill proof, you may never go back to ‘normal’ ceramic mugs again!