About Us

We have been blogging so long that we almost can’t remember when we started, although the calendar tells us that it was way back in 2001.

Of course, we were not on this domain then and in 2001 things looked quite different – this part of the internet was still all fields!

Anna Lorre was our original blogger and can still remember typing posts out by candlelight on a steam powered dial up modem!

Shortly afterwards, electricity reached the northern part of Birmingham and light shone into our lives! Or, more to the point, she got broadband and would never again have phone bills that could be used as electric shock therapy.

After that, things speeded up a lot for Anna in more ways than one. She met her partner Harrison and soon they would have a baby on the way. But by then the blog had really begun to take off and she had more work on in her own business and with the baby than she could really handle.

That was when she decided to open the blog to other contributors and she was joined by three other unsavoury characters who all worked in marketing and advertising. Not all of them are based in Birmingham, but we are all UK based marketing and promotional professionals, for our sins!

Now we have a valuable resource on advertising, marketing and other aspects of business but we want to do more!

We want to hear from you and know what you think about our website. We always like receiving comments from readers and any advice on what sort of things you would like to see on the site would be gratefully heard!

From humble beginnings we have only ever really wanted to link up people in the same vocation together. In other words, we’d like to bring you requiem from darkness!